As I did in September when preparing for my Iceland trip, I am now obsessing over which gear to take with me for an upcoming trip to the UK. Unlike the Iceland trip, which was a solo photography event, the UK trip will be a family holiday. We will be visiting my wife's family with day trips in Somerset and Wales and a two day driving excursion to Cornwall.

Photographically, a family holiday means travelling light. There will be no telling my wife or kids to stop and wait while I swap lenses. No tripods are allowed.

I am determined to bring minimal gear and still anticipate most photographic situations, real or imaginary. This translates into taking one small bag into which which will fit two bodies with two mounted lenses.

I have a X-T1 and X-E1 so the bodies are already chosen. Of the lenses I can choose from the 27mm, 35mm, 60mm, the 18-55 and 55-200.

During my Iceland trip I used the 18-55 most often. The Fujinon XF 18-55 a great zoom lens that is reasonably fast, sharp, quiet, with optical image stabilization. So the 18-55 is an easy choice for the UK.

While I strongly considered taking the 55-200, extending my range and picking up where the 18-55 leaves off, I did not relish the additional bulk and weight. I will leave it home.

Of my primes, the 27, 35, and 60, I most favor the 35 for low light situations, night, pubs, and I on this trip I want to try out the X-T1's electronic shutter allowing wide apertures outdoors during the daytime.

Decision made. Here is my UK family holiday travel kit:

Not pictured: Charger. polarizing, ND, R42 filters, and a clear shower cap and rubber bands for rainy day shooting. 
I like having two camera bodies. When traveling I have the confidence of having a backup body and I also enjoy not having to swap lenses. I had my X-E1 mothership and X-M1 shuttlecraft and all was fine. That is until a new mothership entered my orbit.