Day three was a long day. I left Isafjordur at 8 in the morning and checked into the Breidavik hotel at 7 at night. The scenery was speculator. The driving was not.

The region around the western fjords is very sparsely populated and the road conditions reflect it, being mostly gravel with many, many potholes. The inclines and declines were often steep and the drops sheer. It was a day of watching the road ahead of me, navigating around potholes, and staying away from the edges. It was slow going much of the way. Keep in mind I rented an economy hair dryer on wheels. It was like wearing slippers while hiking. Doable, but not comfortable. I will highlight the paved stretch of 63 between Bíldudalur and Patreksfjörður as being a joy to drive especially after the gravelly hours and pitted kilometers before it.
After a filling Icelandic breakfast at my home stay, I was ready to explore Isafjordur and the surrounding area.

One item of note, and I am not sure why the oversight, but I have no pictures of Isafjordur itself. Not sure why as it was a beautiful town. Suffice to say that if Ikea built a town, it would be Isafjordur, - clean, thoroughly modern, and restrained.

I started the day heading north through Isafjordur, through the tunnel, and to the village of Bolungarvik

Bolungarvik with Lighthouse

This was my third trip to Iceland. My intent was to take some pics, reflect, and submit to some geographic OCD.

My first trip to Iceland included eight glorious days driving the Ring Road. Three years later I returned with my family so they could experience this beautiful country and landscape. They got to experience a lot of the south coast along with the usual Geysir > Gullfoss > Þingvellir circuit. New to me on this family trip was a visit to the Snæfellsnes.

So on my map of Iceland I had completed the big circle and several peninsulas, but there was one major region left unseen: The Westfjords. And it bothered me that to have a whole region unexplored.

I flew from Boston arriving midnight at Keflavik, walked over to the Airport Hotel and grabbed a room for the night. After a good night's sleep and an Icelandic breakfast of breads, meats, cheeses, muesli and yogurt, I walked back to the airport to and picked up my rental car. My destination was Ísafjörður, far to the north.

When driving north from Reykjavik along Route 1 you will have a choice of taking the tunnel under Hvalfjörður or the route 47 bypass taking you around the fjord. Unless you are in a hurry, or desperately want to spend 1000 ISK, take 47. It adds less than an hour to the journey but as you can see from my pic below is well worth the additional scenery.