A photographer friend once commented that I studied at the "Dracula School of Photography" based on my use (or overuse) of dark, moody, black and white images, specifically my infrared images.

Infrared changes the rules of black and white photography: greens render as white and blues become black. While the otherworldly effects can be interesting during summer scenes, I prefer the winter for infrared photography because the eye is drawn to dramatic skies and smooth water and not unnaturally white trees.

A side effect of living in Rhode Island is having a reduced sense of scale. Because the state is so compact, so densely populated, and so diverse a Rhode Islander's world is a very small one. Everything we need is within a 20 minute drive. Anything that is more than 20 minutes away requires carefully considering if the drive is really worth it.

For me, it's worse: I don't just live in Rhode Island, I grew up in Rhode Island. Not only do I live and work within the 20 minute driving bubble, but for any Rhode Island destination beyond the 20 minute driving bubble...the 40 minute driving bubble (yes, the state is that small)....I've been to many, many times over. So when my wife suggested we take the kids and go for a Sunday drive, I was stumped. I've been everywhere.

I pulled up Rhode Island on Google Maps hoping a placename would trigger a memory or a desire to revisit when I noticed something interesting - there is another state to the north and the east called "Massachusetts." I saw on the map of Massachusetts a town called "Scituate" and thought, "Hey, we have one of those in Rhode Island! Let's go there." Yes, this alternate reality Scituate was beyond the 20 minute bubble, and even outside the 40 minute bubble, but I was determined to go somewhere new even if I had to cross a state border to do it.

Old Scituate Lighthouse
The Fujifilm X-M1 is an underrated camera. Even though it occupies the low end of Fuji's lineup, its capabilities defy its cost. Paired with the XF 27mm f2.8, the X-M1 becomes the perfect little travel/walk-about camera being highly portable and producing exceptional images.

Below are a few images from the Pawtuxet River Trail, Pawtuxet Villge in Cranston, Rhode Island. While the vibrant colors of peak foliage may have passed, we can still enjoy the rusts, golds, and browns. I tried an in-camera setting I read about at http://www.laroquephoto.com/blog/ of Velvia, Color -2, Shadow +2, Sharpness +1. I then did a bit of toning of the jpgs in Lightroom, uploaded the images to Google+ and tweaked them a bit more. To some eyes they may look over-processed, but I was going for a darker, dreamlike feel which is how I like to think of late autumn.

I look forward to autumn. Those of us who grew up, or currently live in, New England anticipate our seasonal treat of bold colors and cool temperatures. To enjoy this very best of seasons I walked with my wife the trails around the Maxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge in Coventry, Rhode Island and brought with me my Fujifilm X-E1 with XF 18-55 and 60mm macro. Taking the macro was an afterthought, but after the morning out with it, I am reminded I need to include it in my basic kit not limited it to specialty lens status.

With the 18-55 I started out taking the atypical Autumn in New England shots...