Late Autumn with the Fujifilm XM-1 + 27mm

The Fujifilm X-M1 is an underrated camera. Even though it occupies the low end of Fuji's lineup, its capabilities defy its cost. Paired with the XF 27mm f2.8, the X-M1 becomes the perfect little travel/walk-about camera being highly portable and producing exceptional images.

Below are a few images from the Pawtuxet River Trail, Pawtuxet Villge in Cranston, Rhode Island. While the vibrant colors of peak foliage may have passed, we can still enjoy the rusts, golds, and browns. I tried an in-camera setting I read about at of Velvia, Color -2, Shadow +2, Sharpness +1. I then did a bit of toning of the jpgs in Lightroom, uploaded the images to Google+ and tweaked them a bit more. To some eyes they may look over-processed, but I was going for a darker, dreamlike feel which is how I like to think of late autumn.

And finally, a little glamour shot of my walking buddy, the X-M1 with 27mm f2.8. 


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