Sunday Drive, Scituate Massachusetts

A side effect of living in Rhode Island is having a reduced sense of scale. Because the state is so compact, so densely populated, and so diverse a Rhode Islander's world is a very small one. Everything we need is within a 20 minute drive. Anything that is more than 20 minutes away requires carefully considering if the drive is really worth it.

For me, it's worse: I don't just live in Rhode Island, I grew up in Rhode Island. Not only do I live and work within the 20 minute driving bubble, but for any Rhode Island destination beyond the 20 minute driving bubble...the 40 minute driving bubble (yes, the state is that small)....I've been to many, many times over. So when my wife suggested we take the kids and go for a Sunday drive, I was stumped. I've been everywhere.

I pulled up Rhode Island on Google Maps hoping a placename would trigger a memory or a desire to revisit when I noticed something interesting - there is another state to the north and the east called "Massachusetts." I saw on the map of Massachusetts a town called "Scituate" and thought, "Hey, we have one of those in Rhode Island! Let's go there." Yes, this alternate reality Scituate was beyond the 20 minute bubble, and even outside the 40 minute bubble, but I was determined to go somewhere new even if I had to cross a state border to do it.

Old Scituate Lighthouse

Kids striking a very dignified pose
I have to say the area between Scituate and Cohasset, the South Shore, is absolutely beautiful and warrants further exploration.

Since this is primarily a photography blog I should mention that I took my Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55 lens and learned a new use for the Fujifilm X-E1 Assist Hand Grip. When I fell off the break wall (don't ask) both me and my camera hit the rocks. Hard. But it was the camera grip (and me) that got scratched and dinged. The camera body was fine. So not only does the the X-E1 Assist Hand Grip add to the handling of the camera, it serves as fine camera protector against idiots trying to climb over to places that should not be climbed over to.


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