Get a grip...or two!

Sometimes I even annoy myself so I can only imagine what I put my wife through. Last week I suddenly became obsessed with acquiring a used Fujifilm X100s. I felt I had too many camera bodies and too many lenses, that I needed to get back to basics and reduce my kit.

In order to raise the money for the X100s, something had to go. I pulled out my X-M1 and X-E1, and looked at them, touched them, activated the shutter, navigated the menus and considered which one to put on Craigslist.

Double Grip-athon!

I have absolutely no complaints about the performance of either camera so there was no obvious choice. Since I got the grip for the X-E1, I was in love with the handling and the look and feel of the camera. The X-M1, meanwhile, was my coat pocket buddy and I loved it for its size especially with the 27mm pancake lens. There was no reason to sell either. Yet there was an irrational itch that needed scratching.

X-E1 + Grip = A totally new camera in feeling.
Back to Craigslist, Ebay, and Amazon to see what was out there, a cheap X100s, or something else to scratch the itch. And there it was, on Ebay, a "Buy it Now" $40 sale for the HG-XM1 Grip from Henry's Camera. Score! Since the HG-XE1 so dramatically improved the feel of the X-E1, I was certain that adding the X-M1 grip would similarly improve the camera's feel.
Add to Cart. Fire up Paypal. Reach into my wallet and pass $40 to my wife (to pay the Visa when it came in). I was again debt-free with a new toy on the way.

Several days later the HG-XM1 grip arrived. My little X-M1 with 27mm pancake travel buddy felt so much better in hand. Although no longer quite as little, it still slid easily into my coat pocket.

Adding a grip feels like having a new camera
It was like having a new camera, and I only spent $40 vs. the cost of a used X100s. I am please with the deal and the grips for my Fuji's and I no longer feel and itch or need to scratch. For now anyway.


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