I bought the Fujinon XF 55-200mm a year ago last March when Fuji was running an amazing series of rebates. Since then, I've used the lens perhaps a dozen times. This is both photographically and financially disappointing. So, after all the research and intentions and cost that went into acquiring this lens, why is it so lightly used?

The lens is big, and when fully extended, ridiculously so.

I usually walk around with the X-M1 and 27mm prime or travel with the X-E1 with 18-55 zoom. Compared to these very portable combinations, the 55-200 feels awkward on either body, although using the accessory grip on the X-E1 helps with handling.

Last weekend I revisited this lens and brought it with me as I walked around the East Side of Providence. I figured I'd use the little outing to decide if I would use the lens more, or sell it.

Here is what I came back with:

What started as a long term experiment, and is now a preference, I am now using a Chromebook at work and home. My work holdout in this conversion to the cloud was Microsoft Excel, now comfortably replaced by Google Sheets. At home it is Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are staples for many photographers, both professional and amateur. I've been processing my photos in Lightroom since version 3 of the software. Lightroom is a fantastically powerful and flexible program allowing me to edit and tweak, recover detail, convert to B&W, and in every way control and shape any image to my vision for that image. I have thousands of images organized and published through Lightroom. Lightroom has become integral to my photographic workflow.

Lightroom, unfortunately,  does not run on a Chromebook.

For several months I have used my Chromebook with a Remote Desktop connection to the family's Windows PC. Through a RDP client, I can sit on the couch with my Chromebook and remotely edit photos in Lightroom on the PC. While the setup worked well from a technical standpoint, I found it occasionally awkward and lose track of what window and machine I was working in, as the base image and editing was on a remote PC, but I was working in social media and Blogger on my Chromebook.

Lightroom on a Chromebook via a Windows Remote Desktop client
Using a Chromebook has simplified my computing experience but has complicated my photographic post processing process. Could I find a way to simplify my photography experience by streamlining and moving my entire workflow - editing, managing, publishing - to the web, and not compromise the final product?