Too Many Fujis!

I like having two camera bodies. When traveling I have the confidence of having a backup body and I also enjoy not having to swap lenses. I had my X-E1 mothership and X-M1 shuttlecraft and all was fine. That is until a new mothership entered my orbit.

This week a used X-T1 I ordered from Amazon came in....and it is a beauty! Now, according to my wife, I have too many Fujis and one has to go. As much as I would like to disagree her view, I cannot. So the question is which camera do I sell, the X-E1 or the X-M1?

The Two Motherships Option
Do I go for the double mothership option with two bodies of equal size, roughly equivalent build quality, and similar handling?

The Mothership plus Shuttlecraft Option
Or do I go for the mothership plus shuttlecraft option where the X-T1 becomes my "serious" camera while the X-M1 (with 27mm) continues on as my coat pocket travel buddy?

A lot of G.A.S. this week and bloat with decisions to make.


Well...over the weekend I did a lot of considered handling of the cameras with different lenses, different grip and no grip combinations, and different gear/bag combinations, trying to determine the optimal two camera kit. It was a bit sad really.

I decided to keep the X-E1 because:
  • Better build quality
  • Without grip the X-E1 it is roughly the size of the X-M1 with grip. While in some instances I may prefer the smaller size of the X-M1, the difference is manageable.
  • With the accessory grip, the X-E1 feels just right when paired with the 18-55 or 55-200
  • The X-E1 has multiple custom settings which I've mirrored on the X-T1 (Classic Chrome being the exception) while the X-M1 has only one custom setting with several film simulations missing (I shoot jpg and try and squeeze as much of the processing in camera as possible).
  • Two things I would miss on the X-M1, the face detection and flippy screen, I have on the X-T1.


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