When people go on holiday it is usually their cue to sleep late. Not me. During a family vacation to Cape Elizabeth, Maine, I snapped awake every morning at around 4:00 AM. Time to capture the sunrise. With a Fujifilm X-T1, XF 18-55 F2.8-4 lens, a B+W 10 Stop ND filter, my ancient (before Manfrotto) Bogen tripod, and a cup of coffee, I positioned myself for the 5:15 AM sunrise.

From two mornings at Portland Head Light:

My favorite picture from the vacation. Portland Head Light.
I typically limit using an infrared filter to the winter season. While I like the blackened skies and crisp and contrasty whites and grays of infrared, I find the green => white rendering of foliage a forced distraction. Winter allows shooting infrared and producing very dramatic, but still natural looking, B&W images. Spring and summer infrared looks unnatural.    

But perhaps that is the point. Over the past week I re-discovered infrared and embraced the unnatural, dream-like quality of the images it produces. 

House in Pawtuxet Village framed by "frosted" foliage