Peaks Island, Fujinon 35mm

Peaks Island is only a fifteen minute ferry ride from Portland, Maine. During our week long stay at Cape Elizabeth, I spent a couple hours on the island with my family, my sister and her husband, my mother and stepfather, and a X-T1 and 35mm lens.

Fog, 35mm shallow DOF, and Classic Chrome film simulation combined.

Before we left our rental house for Portland and the ferry, I experienced my usual photo anxiety trying to decide what gear to take: A bag with the X-T1 and X-E1 and assorted lenses? Which lenses? Is it too much to carry? Do I leave some gear back at the house? What if I need something I didn't take with me?

Annoyed with this internal dialogue, I left everything back at the house and grabbed only the X-T1 with Fujinon 35mm F1.4. I love this combination. The X-T1 with its electronic shutter enables me to shoot the 35mm wide open in the broad daylight, so I can (overuse) the shallow depth of field with creamy bokeh effect.

Morning at the Maine State Pier

On the 9:15 Peaks Island Ferry

Fort Gorges. This I want to tour some day.

Peaks Island approach.
Once on Peaks Island we had the choice of walking, renting bikes, or renting golf carts. We rented the golf carts. While this was a great way to tour the island, I can't help but think how annoyed the residents of the island have to be with tourists putting up and down their streets accompanied the sounds of lawn mower engines disturbing the tranquility of the place.

Noise aside, we circled the island stopping at some great rocky beaches.

The morning fog , the 35mm shallow depth of field, and the Classic Chrome film simulation on the X-T1, contributed to some decent family photos. 

A bonus site on Peaks Island is the Battery Steele WWII bunker. Bring a flashlight, or download beforehand a flashlight app for your phone, and be ready to explore.

The "Tomb Raider" approach the the bunker

Some amazing graffiti art throughout the complex

...fumbling for my phone's flashlight app and getting left behind in the dark

Finally after finding the app, I could use my phone to illuminate the interior art.

When the fog began to lift and we could see nearby islands.
Back at the rental house, I took a final shot for the day with the X-T1 and 35mm...a shot that I think looks like an advertisement for Jenga.

Stock photo or my mom, daughter, and sister playing Jenga?
I love the portability and image quality of the X-T1/35mm combination. Did I miss not having a bag full of cameras and lenses? Absolutely Not! I just need to remember this as I begin to overthink what gear I take with me on my next outing.


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