Over the years my photo life, gear, and process has simplified. I now have my Fujifilm cameras and lenses and, for processing and publishing, a tablet and the cloud. Basically I've substituted a desktop/laptop plus Lightroom and Photoshop for an Android tablet with Google Photos, Snapseed, and ocassionally Polarr.

Is this all I really need?

I've been wanting an ulrawide lens for a long time and was ready to pull the trigger on the Rokinon 12mm when a confluence of events altered my wide angle destiny: 1) I found myself with a "spare" $300. 2) Fuji started another round of rebates. 3) I found a minty used copy of the 14mm on Amazon for $540. This price put the Fuji closer to the $320 of the Samsung/Rokinon. Decision made. I ordered the Fuji.

While I may have lost 2mm, I gained compatibility with my current filters as the Fuji takes 58mm filters vs the Rokinon's 67mm filter thread. The reviews for this lens support my initial experience in that the 14mm is very sharp with minimal distortion.

This weekend I took my new/used lens for a spin around my neighborhood with walks around Stillhouse Cove, Salters Grove, and Gaspee Point.