Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon and evening in New Hampshire. I drove up Sunday for an conference Monday, and a perfect excuse for a little photography.

Before going someplace new, I check Google Maps for street views and other people's photos of an area, to scout locations and map my route. My conference was in Bedford New Hampshire where I started my Google Maps search. Pictures of waterfalls and street views of mill towns focused my area of exploration. Google suggested a route that took me on secondary roads though Massachusetts, west of Boston through Fitchburg, and into southern New Hampshire to the town of Mt. Vernon. What a find! It was a perfect late autumn afternoon when I reached the town, had a walk around, then hit the Purgatory Falls Trail at the Upper Falls.

Periodically my son and I schedule a "Boy Day" in which the two of us take off and do something together. Unfortunately, as he gets older, Boy Day with my son happens with less frequency. Feeling the loss, I brought Boy Day back with a vengeance last Sunday and booked us bus tickets from Providence for a day in New York City.

Boy Day in NYC with the 14mm, my son...and 7,000,0000 people.

Of course Boy Day in NYC came with the requisite photo nerd gear anxieties: What camera(s) do I take? Will I have the right lenses? Will it be too heavy?