Going Wide with the 14mm at Purgatory Falls, New Hampshire

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon and evening in New Hampshire. I drove up Sunday for an conference Monday, and a perfect excuse for a little photography.

Before going someplace new, I check Google Maps for street views and other people's photos of an area, to scout locations and map my route. My conference was in Bedford New Hampshire where I started my Google Maps search. Pictures of waterfalls and street views of mill towns focused my area of exploration. Google suggested a route that took me on secondary roads though Massachusetts, west of Boston through Fitchburg, and into southern New Hampshire to the town of Mt. Vernon. What a find! It was a perfect late autumn afternoon when I reached the town, had a walk around, then hit the Purgatory Falls Trail at the Upper Falls.

I brought only a X-T1 and 14mm with the intent of working wide and remembering to include foreground elements. While I did bring a tripod to enable long exposures of the river and falls, I could not use it as apparently I lost the quick release. Fortunately nature provided a tripod replacement with ample rocks and logs to stabilize the camera.

Purgatory Falls, Upper Falls

Purgatory Falls, Lower Falls

"Even on a cloudy day I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun"

And then checking into a cheap hotel by the Manchester Airport viewing a spectacular sunset from my room.


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