I booked a trip to Peru with my son for the April vacation. Over the course of nine days we will take in Lima, Cusco, The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca. Even though the trip is four months away, I have begun obsessing over what Fujifilm gear to take with me. One one hand this is a photo trip of a lifetime and I want to be prepared for all photographic situations, real or imaginary. On the other hand I am looking forward to quality time with my son, which is my focus for the trip, so I want to keep things simple.

Beer, beer, and more beer on a Taste Test Saturday! A friend and I scheduled a tour at the Foolproof Brewing Company (http://www.foolproofbrewing.com) in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. For anyone who hasn't been on the Foolproof Brewing Company tour, I highly recommend it. For $10 you get an hour long tour with a Foolproof beer glass with which to sample three different Foolproof beers.

We kicked off Taste Test Saturday with a pre-tour taste of my first batch of homebrew Oktoberfest. After a month of waiting (two weeks in the fermentation bucket and two weeks in the bottle), the beer was, according to the recipe, minimally ready. Bottle opened, poured, and my first taste of my first homebrew was...underwhelming. What I brewed and waited a month for tasted more like Oktoberfest flavored cola than beer. More time in the bottle was definitely needed.