Taste Test Saturday at Foolproof

Beer, beer, and more beer on a Taste Test Saturday! A friend and I scheduled a tour at the Foolproof Brewing Company (http://www.foolproofbrewing.com) in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. For anyone who hasn't been on the Foolproof Brewing Company tour, I highly recommend it. For $10 you get an hour long tour with a Foolproof beer glass with which to sample three different Foolproof beers.

We kicked off Taste Test Saturday with a pre-tour taste of my first batch of homebrew Oktoberfest. After a month of waiting (two weeks in the fermentation bucket and two weeks in the bottle), the beer was, according to the recipe, minimally ready. Bottle opened, poured, and my first taste of my first homebrew was...underwhelming. What I brewed and waited a month for tasted more like Oktoberfest flavored cola than beer. More time in the bottle was definitely needed.

Enough of that, onto a real brewery and proper beer.

The Foolproof Tour: 

1) Check in and get glass and tickets.
2) Get beer. My first choice to sample was the highly anticipated Peanut Butter Raincloud, a rich porter with a hint of peanut butter. Nice.
3) Start tour with beer
4) Mid tour, step aside for a beer refill, the Backyahd, a refreshing Pale Ale.
5) Rejoin tour
6) After tour, another beer, this time the dark and crisp Russian Imperial Stout.
7) Hang out and chat with other brew aficionados and home brewers.
8) Purchase to take home a couple four packs of Peanut Butter Raincloud and Russian Imperial Stout.  

The Pictures:

Larry, Moe, and Shemp. Curly is off frame to the right.

Local beer with local title pronunciation 

A relaxed Dana (left) and our even more relaxed guide (right)

Taste this and truly understand the word "bitter"
Mission statement for life
Foolproof tour brought to you by my little travel buddy, Fujifilm X-E1 with 27mm pancake lens.


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