So here it is four years after its launch, and I now own an X-Pro1. Thank you Craiglist Guy for selling me your camera for $350. This reminds me that I can obsess all I want over the latest and greatest gear at a premium price...or I can wait until the shine is off, the item is a generation or two older, and I can buy it cheaply. This is the same camera that four years ago I watched with envy a Fujifilm promotional video with Zack Arias in India taking stunning images with the new X-Pro1 and I wished at that time I could justify purchasing one. The camera is still just as good (better with firmware!) now as it was then, but at a price easily justified.

Fujifilm X-Pro1
X-Pro1 with 27mm. My favorite combination.

I have not posted to the blog since I returned from the Peru trip my son. I think Peru broke me. With all the preparation and mental energies spent trying to anticipate the right gear for the right photographic situations so as not to spoil the trip of a lifetime, and then afterwards, all the image sorting and processing and posting, I began to suffer from photo fatigue.

Lake Titicaca, the favorite place name of all middle school boys, was the perfect location to finish our Peru holiday. My son and I spent a glorious sunny day on the lake, visiting a Uros reed island, exploring Taquille Island, and learning about the history and culture from our Amantani Isle guide.

Fujifilm X70 Peru Lake Titicaca

After taking the morning train from Ollantaytambo and a bus transfer in Aguas Callentes, we wound our way higher into the mountains and the cloud layer and reached Machu Picchu, and yes, with the exception of the selfie-taking crowds, it was so worth the trip to stand over this spectacular location. It was also at this point in my nine day Peru trip with my son that I was grateful to have brought with me only a lightweight, minimal X70. With all the walking, hiking, and climbing, my legs were having difficulty supporting my own body weight, let alone a bag full of gear.

Fujifilm X70 Travel Peru Machu Picchu
For the second leg of our Peru journey, my son and I climbed aboard a small bus with four other people, a driver and a guide, and set out on an eight hour tour of the Sacred Valley. Small group, beautiful landscape, informative guide: Perfect day!

Ruins at Pisac, personal highlight of the day.
After a tremendous amount of self-imposed gear anxiety, I decided to leave the X-T1 and various lenses at home and packed only the diminutive Fujifilm X70 to cover my photography needs, real and imaginary, during my nine days in Peru.

Fujifilm X70 Travel Peru Cusco

As of this writing I leave in four weeks for a nine day trip to Peru with my son. As of today my most important planning and packing is done, namely the photo gear I take along.

Fujifilm X70 Travel Nexus Domke F-803

Every Sunday night I drive my son to his tennis practice in Providence. Each week, after I deposit the boy, I try to shoot a different spot of the city using a different lens. These pictures were taken one of these nights along South Water Street by the Point Street Bridge. My lens of choice for this evening was the Fujinon XF 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8. The timing and the sunset was a bonus.

Providence Rhode Island with the Fujifilm X-T1 Fujinon 18-55mm

A couple days ago my combined birthday, Father's Day, and "only if you sell off an older camera" (my wife) present arrived. I had been obsessing over the Fujifilm X70 in my search for the perfect walkabout and travel camera. Obsession lead to bargaining lead to reality. My fate was sealed.

Fujifilm X70

Rocky Point, once a landmark amusement park fondly remembered by generations of Rhode Islanders closed in 1995, was abandoned, fell into decay, and  is now reopened to the public as open space by the shores of Narragansett Bay. Last Saturday morning I visited the park with my Fujifilm X-E1 a 14mm lens, 10 stop ND Filter, and a tripod.

Rocky Point Fujifilm X-E1 Fujinon XF 14 f/2.5 Rhode Island
The old Rocky Point Pier which once lead up to the Shore Dinner Hall

After shoveling out my driveway, I slid the Fuji X-T1 with 18-55 zoom into my coat pocket and headed out into the still falling snow on a neighborhood photo walk. I never experienced such dramatic changes in light.

Fujifilm X-T1 18-55 Edgewood Pawtuxet Village
Heavy snowfall over Stillhouse Cove

I decided I hate carrying my camera in a messenger-style camera bag for extended periods of time. Thinking of an upcoming nine day trip with my son to Peru, the gear I want to take, and the weight of that gear on my back and shoulder during the long days of travel and  walking, I needed a better option.

Much to my teenage son's horror, Dad is going to wear a fanny pack.

Ever since I bought the X-T1, my Fujifilm X-E1 has lived in exile in a bag in the closet. But that was then and this is now and the X-E1 is back in use for two reasons:

  1. I bought a larger messenger to use for work (Timbuk2 Alchemist) which not only holds my work stuff, but can also accommodate the X-E1 with 27mm pancake lens. It is comforting to have a quality camera on hand throughout the day. 
  2. I found a $3 lens hood in a box of miscellaneous stuff that fits the 27mm pancake lens making the X-E1 + grip + 27mm + hood combination look and feel really, really, retro cool.    
Fujifilm X-E1
X-E1 + Grip + 27mm + Hood = Retro Cool