X-Pro1, Pimp My Ride

I am unsure if I am really into my new/old X-Pro1, or I am trying to convince myself that I am really into my new/old X-Pro1. I am happy with the images. I also admit that I am smugly pleased when someone notices the camera and asks "Does that take film?" or directly states "Cool camera".

I tell myself the X-Pro1 is all I need...as I watch the X-Pro2 promotional videos with pro photogs walking in slow motion as the ambient music builds in weight and importance and the voice-overs wax poetic and increasingly philosophical. Maybe I don't really need an X-Pro2. Maybe all I need to pick up my X-Pro1 and move in slow motion and become one with the camera and the universe. Or maybe I need to add some accessories to the X-Pro1 to enhance its coolness factor.

Adding Cool Bits:

Electrical Tape. Not necessarily a "cool bit" and not a stealth, street-thing, I covered the left of the top plate because I find logos and too much text distracting.

Gordy Strap. Love this! I originally bought the strap http://www.gordyscamerastraps.com/ for the X-E1, my first Fuji. While I eventually gave the X-E1 to my daughter, I kept the Gordy strap for myself.

Soft Shutter Release. I have to admit I thought these things were completely unnecessary, but I bought it anyway. Priced at $6.99 for (2 Pack) Dark Red Soft Metal Shutter Release Button For Fujifilm Camera 11mm Concave Surface, they became part of my birthday splurge. And you know what? The colored dot looks cool and the soft shutter release does feel nice, but it is completely unnecessary.

Thumb Grip. I could not bring myself to pay the full price for a "proper" Lensmate or MatchTechnical thumb grip, but at $8.50 for the DSLRKIT New Version Thumbs Up Grip for Micro DSLR Camera Fuji X-E1 / X-M1 / X-A1 / X-E2 / X-Pro1 (Black), I could complete my birthday splurge, accessorize, and afford the experiment.  

Thumb Grip improves handing, but I wish it extended a little further to the right.

Disclaimer - I was working in the garden = dirty fingernails. 
Worst hand ever modeling with 35mm close focus distortion

The thumb rest definitely improves the camera's handling. If I regulatory used the AE-L for back button focusing I wouldn't bother with the thumb rest, or at least I would need a longer one which extend further towards the exposure compensation dial.

My go to lens with the X-Pro1 is the Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8. It is the perfect size, a versatile focal length, and produces decent images. While adding the Fotodiox Pro Angle Lens Hood Sun Shade for RF Rangefinder Cameras, 39mm increases the size, it adds the camera's cool retro vibe.

So while I may not be moving in slow motion and at one with the camera and universe like the X-Pro2 promotional photographers, I have a camera which takes great images, cost a fraction of the price, that now looks just as cool.


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