I've developed an unhealthy fondness for my X-Pro2. Sometimes I just look at it and admire it from different angles. Sometimes while watching TV I hold the camera in my hands, navigate the menus, press the buttons, and fire off a few frames...just because. Now I've gone over the edge, and started playing dress-up with my camera and accessorizing.
Several weeks ago I added a grip to the diminutive X-T20. I liked the improved handling so much I thought I'd add a grip to my new (used) X-Pro2. However, as with the X-T20 grip, I could not justify paying full price for the Fujifim OEM grip, so I looked at the less expensive alternatives available for the X-Pro2.

Powerextra and Meike Fujifilm X-Pro2 Hand Grip Comparison
X-Pro2 Hand Grips: Left Meike, Right Powerextra