There is a Fujifilm parade marching through my house. My first Fuji was a X-E1. Since I like having two bodies I bought a X-M1. I sold the X-M1 after I bought a X-T1. I bought a X70 as a daily carry and travel camera. I then bought a very used X-Pro1. I sold the X-Pro1 after I bought a X-T20 and then sold the X70 because the X-T20 was small enough. And then I bought a X-Pro2.

It started with the Huawei Honor 8, a phone with a camera good enough to make me question my Fujifilm obsession and collection of bodies and lenses. It continued with the Huawei Mate 9 with its higher specced camera and a screen that was large enough, bright enough, and color accurate enough to become primary device for image management, editing, and posting. Yes, the internal camera is great on its own, but combined with Fuji's film simulations and best in class jpeg output, the Huawei/Fuji combination has re-defined my photography.